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SpaceX Gives Inside-Scoop on Advanced Dragon Spacesuit Design

SpaceX released an inside-scoop video about its proprietary space suits, and the underlying tech.July 28, 2020SpaceX has given everyone an inside-scoop of the way it designs spacesuits and why — in a YouTube video describing them as unique spacesuits made to perfectly complement the Dragon spacecraft on functional and aesthetic levels.
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Findbox takes the hassle out of searching in stores

September 02, 2014If you have ever been in a store and had to go searching shelf after shelf for the item you want only to find out that it isn’t in stock, then you will be pleased to hear about Findbox. Findbox GmbH is based in Germany and they have come up with a good idea on how to make things easier for customers and shopkeepers.
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Secrets of X-Galaxies Solved by Powerful Telescope

The solve came from the observation of a galaxy called PKS 2014-55.May 08, 2020X-shaped galaxies have long puzzled scientists who have wondered what the cause of their formation may be. Now, new observations of the South African MeerKAT telescope of one such galaxy called PKS 2014-55 may have finally provided an answer.
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Get Your Best Night's Sleep with this Streaming Service

Restflix uses binaural beats that harness the brain’s responsiveness to sound in order to put you peacefully to sleep.August 10, 2020Sleep is essential to human well being. Anyone who has lost just one night of sleep can attest to how difficult the next day can be.But further than that sleep is essential to both one& 39;s physical and psychological state.
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Tesla Model Y Owners Are Discovering Fake Wood in Their Cooling Systems

A forum of Tesla owners shed light on the questionable matter.September 10, 2020Tesla has been doing rather well lately and has become the world& 39;s most valuable car company this year. It seems there may have been some interesting approaches that facilitated its achievements.Recent threads on Tesla Motors Club and then Reddit have highlighted the fact that some Tesla Model Y owners have noticed their cooling systems patched up with bits of what looks like wood, similar to those you can find in Home Depot.
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