Celluon Virtual Keyboard

Celluon Virtual Keyboard

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Can you imagine the scenario where you hit your desk and write at your digital device at the same time? Well, there is a gadget that makes it possible - the Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard. It wasn’t long ago that this was just a conceptual gadget, now it is a real device and you can purchase it for almost 150$.
[Image Source : Celluon]

This laser keyboard is supposed to be connected wirelessly to any device that could be improved by adding a keyboard, such as tablets, smartphones and other phones, laptops. The connection is made via Bluetooth. It then projects a full size 63 key QWERTY keyboard onto any flat service which you can then use just like any regular keyboard. It has a detection rate of 400 characters per minute which will be more than adequate for the most of us. It can also be used as a mouse replacement, in this mode you swipe your finger on the virtual mouse pad, kind of like touch screen. You charge the virtual keyboard through USB, a single full charge is enough for 150 minutes usage. A great ease is that this keyboard does not require any additional drivers to install, just connect it to your device and start using it.

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