6 Kinetic Characters by Animator Lucas Zanotto Perfectly Depict Human Emotions

6 Kinetic Characters by Animator Lucas Zanotto Perfectly Depict Human Emotions

In a fun and light-hearted manner, animator, designer, and director, Lucas Zanotto, has captured six universal emotions. Zanotto managed to do so by creating kinetic animations that move beautifully in time to the music, which was also chosen by the animator.

The characters speak for themselves, and Zanotto's work is not only impressive but also somehow therapeutic. The movements are so smooth, enough to hypnotize you along to the wonderfully selected music.

The work of moving art is called 'Six Kinetic Characters' and can be viewed as the full video here.


Zanotto and his work

We've all been through mood swings, emotional roller coasters, and crossed-eyed moments. Could we easily describe them, let alone draw them and animate them? This is precisely what Zanotto set out to accomplish, and which he succeeded.

The pastel-colored animations are a fun interpretation of six emotions that Zanotto has created into a short Vimeo video, and which he shared on his Instagram page.

Our favorites are the Mood Swings, and the Squares Have Feelings — which top ones strike a chord in you?

1. Mood Swings

First comes the mood swings — something we've all been through and seen others go through. Taking the word swings quite literally, Zanotto creates a light-hearted animation which sees the shift between being happy and becoming sad or downbeat.

It's fun and right on point.

2. Crossing Eyes

We've all rolled our eyes, closed our eyes, and definitely crossed our eyes. Even eyes crossing over strangers on the street, or when reading too much and your eyes get tired — it's a natural way of showing your emotions. After all, our eyes are the windows to our souls.

Here is Zanotto's fun little mix of crossing eyes:

3. Emotional Roller Coaster

We don't tend to like to admit when we're being turbulent with our emotions, but we've all been emotional roller coasters at some point in our lives.

Zanotto, again, brilliantly captures the emotional ups and downs we sometimes go through with his brightly colored animation.

4. Squares Have Feelings

Squares do indeed have feelings, as we can see through this moving block of emotions. Likened to a kid's game that can move and change sides, this is a fun way of capturing a square's emotions.

5. Mood Waves

Similar to the emotional roller coaster and mood swings, our moods can act like waves, going up and down. Much like water, our emotions ebb and flow.

Here, Zanotto times his animated googly eyes' movements to the waves' motions.

6. Face Down

Sometimes life can become too much, and face down is the only way we feel we can go. In a funny domino-esque manner, Zanotto depicts this usually not-so-friendly emotion in a sweet way.

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