19 Gadgets That Will Make You Travel like a Boss

19 Gadgets That Will Make You Travel like a Boss

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Even if you're crazy about traveling, it can get kind of boring to pack travel essentials. Whether it's a one-day trip or a summer vacation, packing the right gadgets can make a big difference. After all, you won't know what you'll be missing until you need it.

Everyone has experienced the dread of not having something you needed during the holidays. If you haven't already made up your mind, you can find the must-have travel gadgets you need to put in your bag immediately from this list.

Here are some products that will help you solve annoying travel problems.

1. Spectacles 2 Camera Sunglasses

If there's not enough space in your luggage to carry a professional camera, just take these sunglasses and capture every moment you want. You will be capturing these moments from your own perspective.

Thanks to its multi-use function, it'll protect your eyes from the sun while enabling you to collect special memories.

It's originally made for Snapchat users who record snaps daily, but you can use it as a travel accessory. It's also waterproof, so you can take pictures or record 10-second videos underwater with the Spectacles sunglasses.

2. HooToo Travel Router-Power Bank

For those who want to stay connected wherever they go, HooToo portable WiFi router is a game-changer. It's also a media streamer that can copy files and a power bank. If you're traveling with a lot of electronic devices, it's impossible to keep all of them charged at the same time. With HooToo, this becomes very easy.

This all in one router will make your trip very comfortable. It's cheap, lightweight, easy to carry, and multi-functional.

3. DJI Spark with Remote Control

Take your vacation to the next level by recording a bird's eye view of your memories with DJI Spark. It allows you to take aerial photos by using hand gestures. It automatically recognizes objects of different sizes and tracks them easily.

4. Luggage Scale

If you're an over-packer, weighing your luggage at the check-in desk must be a nightmare for you. Packing only the essentials goes out of the window when you see your favorite shoes and dresses. Since you can't leave your clothes behind, you have to pay a lot of money.

However, you don't have to worry about paying extra with this scale anymore. You can weigh your luggage before you leave home and pack accordingly. You will be able to get ready for your next trip without worrying about weight.

5. BioLite Campstove 2

Good news for those who love camping holidays! No worries about fuel source with BioLite.

It's light enough to fit in your backpack. It can grill, boil, and cook, so it has everything a camper wants in one. Also, BioLite can charge your devices. Just plug in your phone or camera while cooking, it will do the job just fine.

6. Backpack with USB Charging Port

For those who like camping and short trips, a backpack with a charging port is a must-have gadget. If you buy this backpack, you won't need to carry any other charger.

For short trips, you can take this backpack and put all of your belongings in it. You don't have to carry an extra bag for your electronic devices.

7. Waterproof Pocket Blanket

Since beach towels are too big to carry in a suitcase, maybe it is time for you to buy a foldable one. If all you want to do is sit down at the seaside and chill, try the Matador folding blanket.

Although it's pocket-sized, you and your little furry friends can easily lay down on it. You can use it during hiking and picnics too.

Also, if you ever have to wait at the airport because of a delayed flight, you can use this foldable blanket to sit on.

8. Polaroid Cube HD 1080p Lifestyle Action Video Camera

Immortalize your adventures in 1080p high-quality videos! Whether you're on a bike or rafting, your photos taken while you're in action will no longer be blurry thanks to the Polaroid Cube.

9. Smart Suitcase with GPS, Battery Charger, Remote Locking

Meet the world's first smart luggage. It can be controlled by your smartphone. You can lock and unlock it remotely. Also, you can track its location, and check the weight from the app on your smartphone.

It allows you to charge your phone up to six times, so while you're waiting for your flight, you can use your smartphone without worrying about it.

10. Anker Power 3 Device Charger

It's good to know the rule of ABC (Always Be Charging) when traveling. You need to charge your phone, camera, laptop, speaker, and other devices on the road; however, that takes a lot of time.

Anker 3 Device Charger power bank gives you the ability to charge three different devices at the same time. It has one of the world's fastest charging technology.

11. JBL FLIP 4 Waterproof Portable Speaker

If you can't give up luxury while traveling, a speaker will come along as your essential travel companion. JBL portable speaker allows you to listen to your favorite songs and podcasts during your trips.

If you're the DJ of your travel group, you need a portable speaker for limitless fun. Also, don't worry if it ends up in the water during a crazy night. It's completely waterproof.

12. DOSS SoundBox Plus Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

DOSS is here for those who want a dazzling speaker.

Turn your vacation into a party with its flashing lights and impressive bass. It has five lighting patterns that will fit every mood and keep the party going with high definition streaming music.

13. LifeStraw Water Filter

If you're an outdoor sports enthusiast, it can be tough to find a drinkable water source in the wild. The LifeStraw is a personal water filter that will help you stay hydrated while camping, traveling, and in emergencies.

It filters bacteria from the dirty water sources and converts them into clean, drinkable water. If you're going for a short camping trip, it will make your trip easy. You won't have to carry water in your backpack.

14. Moocor Underwater Fishing Camera

Fishing for hours may sound like therapy and watching yourself fish the fish is even more fun. With Moocor underwater fishing cam, you can observe the underwater clearly even in the dark. Put it in your luggage and enjoy fishing on vacation.

15. Fosmon Luggage Locks

You can keep your belongings safe with a durable luggage lock by Fosmon. The only thing you have to do is set and reset the lock with hundreds of possible combinations.

You can use this lock to keep your belongings safe in a hotel or gym too.

16. Travel Adapter

With this travel adapter, you can charge your devices in more than 150 countries and go around the world with fully-charged devices. With this travel adapter, it doesn't matter where you're going: you can charge your smartphone or tablet anywhere.

It fits in every standard outlet with four USB ports and one Type-C port. It ensures you'll be stay charged abroad.

17. Collapsible Water Bottle

This bottle allows you to carry water anywhere without any leakage. Since it's foldable, it doesn't occupy much space in the bag, which is a complaint of many.

Another problem with water bottles is the taste of plastic when drinking water. Thankfully, this bottle is made of non-toxic materials and you don't taste the plastic while sipping. It's also incredibly durable.

18. Weber 7204 iGrill 3 Grill Thermometer

Attached to the grill grate, this Weber iGrill 3 lets you monitor the temperature of your grill from your smartphone. No matter where you are in the camp or in a summer house, you won't have to eat overcooked or burnt meat.

19. Razor RipSkate

If you want to add some action to your holiday, don't forget to take your Razor RipSkate with you. With its snowboard-like carving ability, it makes you feel like you're sliding on the floor. Its special design lets you turn without pushing.

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