Fisker's Ocean Electric SUV Seen in Action for the First Time

Fisker's Ocean Electric SUV Seen in Action for the First Time

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The Wuhan coronavirus has disrupted countless unveilings and shows since cases first started to gain international attention in January.

After the Geneva Motor Show cancellation was announced over rising fears of the coronavirus, Fisker Inc. decided to release new details of the Fisker Ocean online, including a video of the electric SUV in action.


The Fisker Ocean, an award-winning electric SUV

As Interesting Engineering reported in January, the starting price of the vehicle, which has solar panels on its roof and a "100 percent vegan interior", is set at $37,500 and the electric vehicle's 80 kWh battery pack will give it a range of between 250 and 300 miles per charge. It is currently scheduled to be released in the second quarter of 2021.

Aside from a new video showing the Fisker Ocean being put through its paces on a race track, the company also revealed new details about the vehicle's drivetrain, comfort and safety features, as Engadget reports.

The Ocean's system is mounted on an isolated sub-frame in order to reduce noise and vibration. Computer-controlled aerodynamics will be used to optimize airflow to the battery to keep it cool in order to maximize range.

The vehicle's body is reinforced to protect drivers and passengers and the battery is also protected from impacts.

The Fisker Ocean is powered by a 300 horsepower electric motor, though a higher performance option has been announced that will take it from 0 to 60 mph in under three seconds.

New footage unveiled

Fisker teased the footage of the electric SUV in a social media post (below) yesterday, saying: "Ready to see the Fisker Ocean on the road? Not long now……‬"

The video has now been released and can be viewed below.

Though the fears over the coronavirus got in the way of Fisker's original unveiling plan — the car was originally going to be displayed at the show — these new details, and the little glimpse of it in action in video, show that it has the potential to be a highly competitive new vehicle in the rapidly growing EV market.

Let's see if Fisker Inc. can keep its promise of an "all-electric, zero-emissions" EV "with [a] vegan interior and recycled materials throughout," making it "the world’s greenest car."

Watch the video: Fisker Ocean EV SUV With 300-Mile Range $29,000 (February 2023).