Georgia Man Sustaining 12-Hour Erection after Smoking Marijuana Was Hospitalized

Georgia Man Sustaining 12-Hour Erection after Smoking Marijuana Was Hospitalized

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Marijuana is associated with numerous side effects such as appetite irregularities i.e munchies, paranoia, and memory problems; however, when it comes to sex, it looks like it might be a double-edged sword that can cause problems in either direction.

While is it generally thought that marijuana can cause erectile dysfunction while increasing your appetite for sex, this medical case report shows an unusual case of a 32-year-old patient who suffered from priapism on multiple occasions.

Priapism is the medical jargon for a stubborn erection that overcomes its welcome. While it might sound fun to some extent, it can have serious permanent consequences such as "damage to the penile tissue, with notable destruction obvious at 12 hours" and “over 90% of those remaining erect for 24 hours losing sexual function".

The unnamed patient's unlucky endeavors are detailed in the case study and show that he suffered from priapism on multiple occasions after smoking weed.


The case report was penned by the doctors at the Coliseum Medical Center in Georgia after the patient came twice in two weeks to the emergency room with erections that wouldn't go down for long hours.

You might be thinking that it must have felt like hours when it was minutes; however, the first case actually lasted for 12 hours. The second case lasted six because he was given an injection of phenylephrine that relieves swelling.

Since he didn't have any underlying health issues, doctors decided to take a close look at the man's drug habits.

According to the report, the patient smoked cannabis several nights in a week for the past six months, including the times before the priapism episodes. "During this time, the patient had four or more episodes of a persistent erection lasting close to four hours that were self-resolving".

The patient had a history with weed going back ages sixteen and seventeen. He admitted to having priapism multiple times, lasting less than four hours which didn't require immediate medical treatment. It seems that he must have really loved marijuana.

After quitting in his twenties, he stopped experiencing priapism.

He had started smoking weed again only six months earlier that his unwanted erections returned in full force.

The doctors agreed marijuana being the culprit in this case; however, reasons are still unknown. There are speculations ranging from THC stopping the penis from going flaccid to increased activation of platelets stopping blood from exiting the penis. Still, there more studies and patients are needed to pinpoint the exact cause, and it might be a hard process indeed.

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