We Broke Down 7 Scientifically Improbable Movie Posters

We Broke Down 7 Scientifically Improbable Movie Posters

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A really great movie poster entices potential viewers to spend their hard-earned cash on watching that movie. For this reason, it really pays to make it as attractive and exciting as possible.

But sometimes, movie poster designers appear to sacrifice reality for aesthetics when creating their final designs. Here, we have collated 7 prime examples of such scientifically improbable situations.

What film posters are scientifically impossible?

So, without further ado, here are some examples of film posters that are simply ridiculous -- scientifically speaking. Sadly, this list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.

And, for your information, the following are not intended to be 100% scientifically accurate. This is just a bit of fun.

That being said, these stunts/scenarios are just a tad beyond the pale.

1. The movie poster to "Skyscraper" is simply ridiculous

You might have seen this physically impossible movie poster doing the rounds of late. And that is because the "stunt" is, it appears, not actually possible in nature.

While artistic license can take you so far, this particular example really takes liberty with reality. As you can see from our mock-up of potential trajectories, whichever one is true, Mr. Johnson is a "dead duck."

But it looks graphically impressive, so who actually cares right?

2. "The Other Guys" poster is simply ridiculous

Starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, the film "The Other Guys" is yet another example of artistic license taken too far. While the film is clearly a work of fiction, and comedy, so too is the film poster.

While we have included some potential trajectories for their apparent falls the outcome will always be the same -- dead as the Dodo. Where on Earth are they jumping to, anyway?


There is no suggestion on the movie poster of somewhere to break their fall or even land. Surely, this is pure suicide?

Whatever; we are beyond caring at this point.

3. Something is not quite right with the poster for "Free Willy"

Next up is one of the most annoying movie posters of all time -- "Free Willy." Despite the apparent size disparity between an apparently fully-grown Orca and a human teenager, something else doesn't seem to stack up.

It appears, from some very basic and crude estimation, that "Willy" in this image can't actually clear the jump. While it is quite difficult to really assess from the image's perspective, it appears the Orca will most likely beach itself at worst, or have a nasty surprise when it lands.

Whatever the case, this is just a movie poster so it doesn't really matter. The film was actually quite good though, for a change.

4. Where are you going "Hardcore Henry"?

The next movie poster is also somewhat ridiculous. Apart from the fact that we needed to rotate the image to make sense of it, this movie poster also seems to make no sense.

Presumably, this chap isn't wearing a parachute as, from this perspective, his legs should be dangling directly below his body towards the cityscape. If he is, then it might be a little late to pull his chute at this point.

But not only that, is it just us or is "Hardcore Henry" a giant? Perhaps the buildings are so large, and he is so high up, that you could actually see the curvature of the planet to this degree?

But those appear to be regular-sized helicopters, so clearly this is not the case. Either way, this guy is about to meet his maker very soon indeed.

5. How did he jump so high?

Next up is this interesting movie poster from a film called "Production No: 32." We are not entirely sure what this film is about, but if the poster is anything to go by, perhaps it is about parkour?

At least, we hope it is. How else did this chap jump so high with no platforms and apparently little maneuvering room?

Did he perform a wall jump a la Assassin's Creed, perhaps?

Most human beings can only jump around 50 cm, give or take, with trained athletes perhaps being able to achieve just over a meter.

In that case, what is going on here?

Where is he hopping off to anyway? What hidden threat has been cut out of view that deserves being bludgeoned to death with a pole?

It seems we'll need to watch the film to find out.

6. Leap of faith or suicide pact?

Next up is this little beauty. Set to the impressive backdrop of apparent all-out war in modern-day Paris, D13-U's poster is even more ridiculous.

In an attempt to escape an explosion, these intrepid few appear to have but one option to escape -- take a leap of faith off the building. Except for the fact that they surely know they have no chance of survival?

There is no way they will be able to make the next building and are destined to plummet, inexorably, to their deaths. Not only that, but where did they jump from in the first place?

It appears to us that the perspective is a little off in relation to the point of the explosion? We guess we will never know for sure.

7. Anna is magic we suppose...

And lastly, is this wonderful distortion of reality from Disney. In this poster for "Frozen II," Anna appears to have overestimated her athletic abilities.

According to some sources, Anna is about 5 feet 7 inches tall (1.7 meters), which makes the gap, roughly, 3.5 meters wide. From a standing jump, most human beings can usually clear around 225 cm.

That would obviously not be an option. As we can clearly see, Anna has taken a bit of running jump beforehand, so could she make it? According to some sources, the average running long jump distance is between 10 feet (3.05 meters) and 15 feet (4.57 meters).

But remember that is usually with a 30-meter runway and running at "top" speed before jumping. Does Anna have this much of a run-up?

At the lower end of the scale, she would clearly not make it. But she might be athletic enough to achieve longer jumping distances and "just" make it -- or land her butt on the other side.

If we are feeling generous and giving Anna an above-average athletic ability, it is conceivable that she might be able to jump, grab onto the ledge and pull herself up. But, you know that's still not very likely.

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