Novel Flight System Could Teach Anyone to Fly in 30 Minutes

Novel Flight System Could Teach Anyone to Fly in 30 Minutes

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Transportation technology firm Skyryse has released a novel flight system that can help anyone learn how to fly a non-commercial aircraft in 30 minutes, reported Business Insider. The system is called FlightOS, and it was built to make flying easier.


A touchscreen tablet

FlightOS works via a touchscreen tablet or joystick, significantly simplifying the flying process. CEO and founder, Mark Groden, told Business Insider that FlightOS can be used in any aircraft to let people fly as well as "the best pilots on their best day using intuitive controls."

Best of all, the new system augments safety due to a group of "automation technologies."

"There are 7.46 fatal accidents per 100 million miles in general aviation as opposed to 0.05 for commercial airlines," said a spokesperson to Business Insider, adding that 85% of crashes are from operator error. "Removing that from the equation would drop the number of fatal accidents to 1.12 per 100 million miles."

Impressive features

FlightOS has some truly impressive features. An on-board computer monitors limits, flight paths, and the weather in order to allow aircrafts to be flown even in low to no visibility conditions.

The computer has also been set up to automatically respond to a variety of emergency conditions such as a failing engine or a drop in altitude.

Skyryse hopes its new system will tackle the many issues currently faced by those in the aircraft market, such as pilot shortage, flying errors, expensive pilot training procedures, and risky flying in bad weather conditions. The firm is also targeting first responders, search-and-rescuers, and the military for its product.

Skyryse has onboard some people with impressive resumes with previous experience in companies such as Tesla, Uber, and Boeing. The company, at present, seems set for success.

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