This BMW Z-Shaped Motorrad E-Scooter Concept Brings Clean Energy Rides to this Century

This BMW Z-Shaped Motorrad E-Scooter Concept Brings Clean Energy Rides to this Century

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Carota Design created a BMW Z-shaped motorrad e-scooter concept that not only brings clean energy rides to this century but is also a sight to behold.


The e-scooter comes in two colors: silver with hints of orange, or black with hints of green.

It features front paneling that protects the rider’s legs while the motor and battery seem to be housed in the space in front of the rear.

In the meantime, a cantilever seat decreases boot-storage. On the left resides a loop to secure your helmet in place. Most impressively, the seat turns into the e-scooter’s taillight.

Its one weakness may be in terms of storage space. It seems too small and thin to allow for any reasonable storage and doesn't seem to have any practical place to attach some accessory brackets.

However, it does features efficient headlights, in the form of edge-lit details on the front, that are definitely able to navigate you safely through the dark. Finally, it is difficult to guess what the e-scooter’s performance would be, given that it is just a concept at this stage.

However, there is no denying that it is a very attractive concept. If fitted with some kind of kick or center stand, it could greatly increase its practicality and value. And that shouldn't be hard to do.

The e-scooter's main problem would lie in adding a battery or motor pack with sufficient power to make the ride enjoyable. The space under the saddle is very limited, and although battery packs are getting smaller all the time, they are still not at a point where one would fit in and be aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Overall, the e-scooter makes for a great concept. It is entertaining to look at and perhaps dream of. But we don't see it being practical enough to come to the market anytime soon.

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