9 Times People Got Exactly What They Wished for From the Wrong Guy

9 Times People Got Exactly What They Wished for From the Wrong Guy

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Every now and then, you might need the skillful mouse of a Photoshop expert to touch up your photos and make it look more "acceptable" to the public; however, not all "fixers" are equal.

James Fridman, who is basically a Photoshop troll who enjoys twisting people's requests and turning them into funny and witty pictures that gain immortality on the internet, is a wish-granting Photoshop genie, in other words, a graphic designer, that you should be really careful about consulting — unless you don't want a big laugh of course.


While granted your photo won't be Instagram-worthy, you can be assured that no matter how specific of a request you give, you will get the most literal representation of it as possible. If you've read the story of Monkey's Paw, you'll know what we mean when we say it feels like Fridman is the incarnation of it, which is why you should always be careful about how you phrase your wishes.

However, no matter how careful you are, it is highly probable that you'll be deliberately delivered what you've asked for in a twisted way with the addition of his unique sense of humor.

So here are nine pictures that show some people who made a huge mistake — or a very good one, by asking for help from the biggest troll on the internet.

1. What a rebel!

2. Don't fire guns, sell houses instead

3. That's the kind of boxer that we like

4. Bon appetite!

5. Well, it is out

6. They are doing an amazing job indeed

7. On point

8. Prom queen by day, pizza delivery girl by night

9. What a good dog

If you're inspired by these laughing stock and want to submit your own photos to him, you can always ask for his help on Twitter. Make sure that you're wording your words carefully so that the internet can get the Photoshop fails it's waiting for.

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