Company Creates Floating Mooring System to Minimize Impact on Seafloor

Company Creates Floating Mooring System to Minimize Impact on Seafloor

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As you well know, boats drop their anchors in order to remain in one spot. In places where many boats crowd in to drop their anchors, the seafloor and marine life around it suffer from these heavy pounding weights.

A French company, Seafloat, has created a mooring system (also called Seafloat) that reduces this impact on the seafloor, allowing numerous boats to "anchor" in one spot safely and soundly.


Offshore floating mooring platforms

The Seafloat systems are offshore floating mooring platforms, and they come in different shapes and sizes. Each boat docks into the platform just as they would on a regular land-based one and don't need to drop an anchor if they're staying offshore.

Each platform is held down by a single Pod, which latches onto the seafloor in a safer, different way than regular anchors.

The part of the Pod that holds the platform down is an X-shape steel structure that sits flat just above the seabed. It's not down against the sand, but held a bit higher up by a series of pilings.

The Pod latches onto the platform thanks to a piston-like system that enables the platform to move up to 30% along the water, something that comes in handy during storms, high winds, or disturbances.

Thanks to this piston, the platform remains more or less in the same spot, without being submerged or pulled down.

Interestingly, these platforms can be adapted to fit different needs. Seafloat has created regular platforms that can accommodate from three to 16 yachts or motorboats, others are based on beach clubs with an incorporated swimming section, deck, changing rooms, and all, there's a jetski one, one for scuba diving, and even a helipad option, among others.

Lamborghini's motor yacht or this new electric yacht would fit perfectly into one of these platforms.

Take a look through Seafloat's video, which showcases how the system works as well as the different platform options:

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